Feature Friday: New Swears

Feature Friday: New Swears

With their upcoming appearance at the Hopped and Confused Music Festival, now’s the perfect time to dive into the New Swears’ latest, “And the Magic of Horses”. Released in June on Dine Alone Records, the New Swears’ fourth full length album is packed with 10 tracks of non-stop fun: dealing out catchy lyrics backed by infinitely danceable grooves, this album is pure ear candy from start to finish. These boys know how to party hard, which is evident to anyone who’s ever checked out their videos, and that spirit carries through this release as they continue to demonstrate that fun-loving energy that makes them so alluring to fans.

The opening track, “Dance with the Devil” was first premiered as their teaser track for the album, and it’s easy to see why, as it will leave you swaying and bopping, treating the listener to a burst of fun lyrics and endlessly entertaining beats.

In the middle of the album is placed the very relatable “Comfortably Hungover”; easy listening with bang-on lyrics, something that would go over well as you recover after having had one too many the night before. The following track – a real gem – 777, had me singing the chorus right away, “Lucky da da da we got a high roller, 777  cha-ching, cherry cherry cherry”. Another pure fun track, and according to the band was recorded in only one take.

Later in the album, “Race to the Grave” has a good rockabilly Elvis-type feel, with upbeat, cheery guitar riffs and percussion. Blending pop/country/rock, it’s a fast-paced ride down the 417. This is in keeping with the vibe that comes through on the final song of the album, “Walkin’ to Rockin'”, an ode to life of touring on the open road with the boys and playing rock ‘n’ roll. I wouldn’t be surprised to see lighters up for this one live.

Initially released earlier this summer, the album’s release party took place on June 23-24 over at House of Targ, which New Swears told us is “the best bar in Ottawa.”

“One of the owners “Yogi” recorded the album with us. It was a no brainer to play Targ. 2 nights 2 fun.” Aside to the excitement of the new release, the guys paired with Ottawa craft brewery Big Rig to brew their own beer in honour of the occasion, which they named Horsepower.

“The beer was our Grandfather’s secret recipe, handed down for generations. The beer is crazy.”

All in all, “And the Magic of Horses” is a super catchy, good-time album, perfect for hanging with your pals, havin’ a couple o’ pops and perhaps getting into some mischief. You can check out New Swears on their bandcampYouTubeFacebook , and of course, on their website.

Catch these jokers and their larger than life personas, Sammy J. Scorpion, Scru Bar, Beej eh and Nick Nofun hitting the stage at the Hopped and Confused Music Festival, this Saturday, August 26 @ Mill Street Brew Pub. It’s gonna be a good one, so be sure to snag your tickets here. Another upcoming show includes The Townehouse in Sudbury, ON on September 5,  before making their way further westward across the country. For a full list of dates visit: https://www.newswears.com/shows/

Also, if you haven’t yet checked out our recent Q&A with New Swears (as well as Ottawa’s Mill Street Brew Pub’s Head Brewer Tim Hulley), you can do so here.

**Special thanks to our latest Bytown Sound contributor Courtney Gilbert**


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    Great article.. wish I could head on down to the Mill Street Pub tomorrow night!! Live too far , closer to the Townie tho!!

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