Feature Friday: Almost Kennedy

Proving you can’t keep good musicians down, Almost Kennedy is blasting onto the scene with their debut EP, Heard Them Talk, a five-track snack released this past September at House of Targ. It’s an audacious first foray for this group, whose talented line-up emerges in part from the former local group Northbound, and consists of […]

Feature Friday: Positive Charge

Positive Charge released their first full-length album, Under Growth, in August. It’s a high energy ride from start to finish, drawing on material from the band’s past eight years together. Positive Charge is composed of the good vibrations of Richard Barrie (vocals, guitar), Cameron Hanes (guitar, vocals), Jordan Morlidge (bass, vocals), and Anthony Cardozo (drums, […]

Feature Friday: New Swears

With their upcoming appearance at the Hopped and Confused Music Festival, now’s the perfect time to dive into the New Swears’ latest, “And the Magic of Horses”. Released in June on Dine Alone Records, the New Swears’ fourth full length album is packed with 10 tracks of non-stop fun: dealing out catchy lyrics backed by […]