August 2017

Feature Friday: New Swears

With their upcoming appearance at the Hopped and Confused Music Festival, now’s the perfect time to dive into the New Swears’ latest, “And the Magic of Horses”. Released in June on Dine Alone Records, the New Swears’ fourth full length album is packed with 10 tracks of non-stop fun: dealing out catchy lyrics backed by […]

Ottawa Gets Hopped and Confused This Weekend!

Summer may be inching toward a close, but the Ottawa festivals are still in full swing. This weekend’s second annual two-day Hopped and Confused festival at the Mill Street Brew Pub is a great way to launch yourself back into the Ottawa music and beer scene before autumn makes an appearance. Dine Alone Records and […]

Reviewed, Rewound ‘n Revisited: George Harrison – All Things Must Pass

George Harrison: All Things Must Pass Format: Vinyl Purchased: Originally Pops’ Vinyl, but purchased on CD at HMV Key Tracks: I’d Have You Any Time, My Sweet Lord, Wah-Wah, What Is Life, If Not For You, Apple Scruffs, Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp, All Things Must Pass, Thanks for the Pepperoni, Awaiting on You All […]

Feature Friday: Arboretum Festival

Those looking for an event that fuses eclectic music with the Ottawa's exceptional local food and drink creators need look no further than this weekend’s Arboretum Festival, being held Aug. 18-19 at the Rideau Pines Farm. Located south of the city, this pastoral setting offers attendees the opportunity check out established and emerging artists across a three-stage [...]

Feature Friday: Coveter

On their Bandcamp page, Coveter lists some of the artists that influenced them, and I understand the desire to do this: After all, attaching your work to your inspirations is an homage to the music that brought you into town in the first place, and it serves as a handy identifier. Coveter’s tunery, however is […]