Feature Friday: Coveter

Feature Friday: Coveter

On their Bandcamp page, Coveter lists some of the artists that influenced them, and I understand the desire to do this: After all, attaching your work to your inspirations is an homage to the music that brought you into town in the first place, and it serves as a handy identifier. Coveter’s tunery, however is so good and wonderfully unpredictable that they needn’t have bothered.

The instrumental interplay is tighter than Scrooge’s cheque book; the melodies (both lyrical and instrumental) are hovery works of desert mirage, and the chord progressions stand on their own two booted feet as highly original. Tempo and dynamic changes come, go, come again and as their tune Ammonia suggests, “they all say the same thing”: too rad for dad.

The band and recording engineer Mike Poisson use really cool studio trickery, like echo voiced codas, that suggest a wonderful instinct to do something surprising and long-lasting in the ole cranium brainium. It’s reminiscent of that wonderful George Martin/Beatles, Dr. Dre/Eminem thing where the chemistry turns to alchemy.

For instance, there’s a riff in “Love Me to Pieces” so good that I can’t even imagine it’s legal. There’s also a moment on “No Dice” where the band goes off on this neat minor chord middle 8 — ”And I’ll finally be alone” — where the emotion conveyed hits you in a timeless bit of performer/listener interplay.

These cats do that at just about every turn; the music feels mature and lived in, without ever approaching jaded or rote. And wow, those changes, from one sick melody to another. In a word: FunkinRockinBluesinEmotinPerformin.

You can hear all of the great tunes from the EP “Love Me to Pieces” on their bandcamp. Also, give them a follow them on Facebook to be up to date on Coveter news, and to keep track of upcoming shows such as their next: August 20th, doors @ 7pm, and only $10 to see them play an awesome house show with Double Experience, The Dirty Racket & another band TBA. Follow the link to the event here in order to find out how to snag yourself the address to get in to the show.


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