Feature Friday: Monobrow

Feature Friday: Monobrow

Enter: The Voice of God

“Hear ye, oh silenced voices of thrashed doomery! Yonder comes a sound, nay; a great rushing of cacophonies! Hark your ears and turn your chin to the heavens. Know the dread power of what is known, unknown and all that pretends to exist within.”

Exeunt: The Voice of God

Existing between the nebulous, spiraling vortex netherworld of Rush, Black Sabbath and plain ole’ Themselves; this tuneful, chaotic mashup of precision musicianship, melody, crunch (of the Captain variety), and f&#!ing SMARTS is quite unlike anything I’ve heard in a while. At some points, these cats actually mesh DEEP funk metal grooves with…you guessed it, country. WHAT?! That’s unfairly unexpected.

Apparently, the instrumental album tells a kind of Holst-ian space opera…I think? I’m not overly familiar with the total scheme, but I’m really anxious to delve into it, probably forever.  I’m guessing catching these guys is a really good idea. Damn, I hope I get the opportunity to…

There are buildups, fade downs, inside outs and maybe an evening gown. Crash crash…CRASH. The flippin’ nerrrrrrvvvvvv of these guys being this good. There are a couple moments where things get reigned in a little, but I can hear these guys, god bless ‘em, doing incredible things with the blue meth chemistry they’ve cooked up.

I love it when a band can keep me on my toes with unexpected changes of pace, style, rhythm, what have you. This bands tunes do that for me. A lot. And they sneak synths in there too. Cool-ass synths. Just had to scratch that Genesis itch there, didn’t ye, fellas? I had more than a few “That’s AMAZING!!” moments listening to these guys.

I will seek out your musics. I will find where your concerting takes place…the point of origin of your musical onslaught. I will buy your vinyl. And a T-shirt. And if you have them, a button. Mayhap, you will sign my forehead that I may tat upon it with colored inks.

Be sure to check out band’s entire badass discography by heading to their Bandcamp; you can also follow them on Facebook, and be sure to catch them playing live at House of Targ on August 4th.


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