June 2017

Feature Friday: Monobrow

Enter: The Voice of God “Hear ye, oh silenced voices of thrashed doomery! Yonder comes a sound, nay; a great rushing of cacophonies! Hark your ears and turn your chin to the heavens. Know the dread power of what is known, unknown and all that pretends to exist within.” Exeunt: The Voice of God Existing […]

Reviewed, Rewound ‘n Revisited: Fleetwood Mac – Tusk

Fleetwood Mac: Tusk Format: Originally on Vinyl Purchased: Off my Uncle Greg circa 1996 Key Tracks: Top to Bottom, Left to Right, Inside out Awesome pretty much straight thru Here’s an idea. The best way to follow up one of the most accomplished pop albums (not to mention one of the biggest selling) ever recorded: […]

Feature Friday: Tara Shannon

Tara Shannon is using her music as a vehicle for positive change in the world, seeking to help as many people she can while on her musical journey. The indie pop country artist recently released her album Unfinished, and there’s a good story behind that title… In 1997 Shannon debuted her very first album Me […]

Feature Friday: Bonnie Doon

Expectations. Expectations…one of the most consistently thrilling things about discovering new music is the defying of expectations. Pressing play and thinking you’ll be hearing sea shanties with lilting harmonies, and then sitting back and watching as your speakers emit delicious noise…what a rush. Bonnie Doon’s newest release “Dooner Nooner” is just such an album. This […]

Reviewed, Rewound ‘n Revisited: Chris Cornell

Cornell… When magic goes out of the world, it’s tough. When magic goes out of the world of its own accord it’s even more difficult; especially when that magic has entranced you personally, and for such a long time. “Chris Cornell died” (text 1) “Right offstage, apparently” (text 2) Finding out later on that the […]

Feature Friday: Kaleigh Watts

Heartbreak, regret and loneliness: we’ve all experienced it, but rarely is it expressed as eloquently and coherently as it is on Kaleigh Watts’ new EP “Hung Me Dry”. These themes run deep and clear throughout the five tracks as Watts opens up and allows herself to be vulnerable and emotional with the listener, making them […]