Feature Friday: Bonnie Doon

Feature Friday: Bonnie Doon

Expectations. Expectations…one of the most consistently thrilling things about discovering new music is the defying of expectations. Pressing play and thinking you’ll be hearing sea shanties with lilting harmonies, and then sitting back and watching as your speakers emit delicious noise…what a rush. Bonnie Doon’s newest release “Dooner Nooner” is just such an album. This quartet of ladies make a thrilling tangle of jagged guitar, off kilter drums and bent bass; overlaid by tuneful vocals that veer into shouts and exclamations. This crazy quilt is definitely not for that quiet party down the road celebrating the benefits of folk rock hand claps. I cannot overstate how much tail these ladies haul.

Pavement, and The Velvets and The Sonic Youths…Bonnie Doon have taken up their influences and flipped their own ace into the deck. Sounding for all the world like a rush of an oncoming army (whose General may have just taken a hit of acid pre-invasion), I love how they blow the bikes and the barbecue out of the garage while at the same time spinning out crooked yarn from spy movie soundtracks. From the bass explosion at the beginning of Haunted Life to the free jazz saxploration of Panty Twister, to the sneaky psycho Pink Panther in Tombstone Texas of Ghost Story, this band does it all; one hand holding up the frick-finger and the other pointing devil horns at Satan himself. CAST HIM OUT!

Listening to this album is like the aftermath of some broken down therapy session; one where you don’t walk away feeling any better but feel better for that reason alone. Cause really, what’s the point of therapy when what you really need is a freshly served slice of catharsis pie?

The day I listened to this cracked little piece of jewelry, I bought two other CDs by other established bands (who shall remain nameless)…while they were all well and good, this slap in the face by Bonnie Doon left me wanting MORE MORE MRRRRRRRRRRRR in that fresh way that new genius often does.

Expectations: defied, denied, defiled. God Bless Bonnie Doon!

You will be able to watch this all go down live by snagging some tickets to the Ottawa Explosion Weekend (or paying $10 at the door) and heading down to Club Saw on Sunday, June 18th, doors at 12:30pm.

In the meantime, head over to their bandcamp to check out Dooner Nooner in all its glory; then be sure to follow the goings on of Boonie Doon on their Facebook page.



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