Feature Friday: The Ramblin’ Valley Band

Feature Friday: The Ramblin’ Valley Band

The Ramblin’ Valley Band have heard you, Ottawa, and they have listened: their eagerly anticipated first full-length album is now available for you to dance, sing and groove along to.

Snoozegrass is loaded with nine stellar tracks that initially hint at a bluegrass album, but it’s a mistake to assume these guys are that cut and dried. At times, they’re more country, at times more bluesy, then they add a healthy dose of folk, toss in some rock, and round it all out with a dash of funk. This good-time band is exceptionally musically flexible, and it shows as they weave and flow comfortably through all the complimentary genres that make up their sound.

The RVB showcase their versatility and range consistently from one track to the next. “Summer In The Valley” kicks off the album with a mix of bluegrass and country – incorporating all the traditional instruments with stunning musicianship. Without skipping a beat, they cruise into the dancy and uptempo “Nothing To It”, a song where the various instruments are each spotlighted as the track relentlessly pushes forward.  Yet another side of the band is shown in “Old Timer Blues”: a track which, as the name would indicate, really captures and embraces that classic blues sound:

The band also taps into some funk for their track “All I Need Is You”; this groovy shift in the album further demonstrates that the RVB can do it all. This is bound to be one killer track to witness live:

If you’re looking for a diverse album full of catchy tracks with fun and clever lyrics that are impossible not to sing along to, Snoozegrass has you covered: not a single number on this album misses the mark. They achieve a full, rich sound without ever feeling crowded or overdone, all while painting a vivid picture with their lyrics. The RVB creates a great balance on the album, and keeps the listener completely engaged throughout.

Back in early February, I was fortunate enough to catch The Ramblin’ Valley Band play a packed Irene’s Pub for the Megaphono Festival, and I can tell you that watching them live is something to behold. While their music clearly stands solidly on its own, the band’s stage presence, ability to work together flawlessly, and their apparent love for what they do are all part of the allure in watching this dynamic group perform. A glimpse into all of this, along with one of the great new tracks from the album can be seen in this video filmed at the Cameron House in Toronto:

So mosey over to their Bandcamp and give Snoozegrass a listen. Or two. Or ten. Then make sure you give them a follow on Facebook to keep up with their latest news, and check out their full website for all things RVB!

And just after wrapping up their tour out East, the RVB guys will be landing at LIVE On Elgin this weekend to celebrate the recently released album with their hometown, along with Jack Marks on the bill. Only $10 in advance, or $12 at the door. So clear your schedule for tomorrow night (May 13th) from 9pm on and hop on over to LIVE On Elgin! Are you ready for the party? We’ll see you there, Ottawa.


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    This past Saturday, my wife and I went to Bearly’s House of Blues and Ribs in Halifax to see these guys with two great friends. It was one of the best live music nights out I have had in years! If you see an ad for a performance by RVB, do yourself a big favour and get to the venue. You will not regret it – not a chance. Their performance of “All I Need is You” was the showstopper for me. I loved it. But all the other numbers were also great. Seriously, you will be really happy to have attended one of their shows. Do not pass up the opportunity!

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