May 2017

Reviewed, Rewound ‘n Revisited: White Denim – Fits

White Denim: Fits Format: Vinyl Purchased: Sonic Boom Key Tracks: Radio Milk, Say What You Want, All of Side 2 in its entire heavenly glory   Magicians! Wizards! Spellbinders! Four Horsemen! Well, at the time of this release, three! White Denim are a musical experience unlike any other. I have had the pleasure of seeing […]

Feature Friday: Moonfruits

Welcome to Ste-Quequepart: Moonfruits duo Kaitlin Milroy and Alex Millaire guide us through a tour of this imagined town through the perspective of its inhabitants over the course of its ten songs. Cleverly marrying enthralling musical storytelling with the political, Moonfruits become a conduit for the villagers’ struggle with the all-too-common realities of small town […]

Feature Friday: Chris Landry and the Seasick Mommas

Chris Landry and the Seasick Mommas Album: One fifty five Stand Out Tracks: Writing to Explain, Yukon Nights, Time Stands, Laura It may seem obvious to say, but country music has a long tradition of bringing music to heartbreak. No other genre brings home the feelings of loneliness, despair and ache quite like country – especially […]

Reviewed, Rewound ‘n Revisited: Genesis …And Then There Were Three…

Genesis: …And Then There Were Three… Format: Originally on CD Purchased: Minnow Lake Hock Shop circa 1999/2000 Key Tracks: Down and Out, Follow You Follow Me, Snowbound, Ballad of Big, Deep in the Motherlode I dig an album whose art work somehow reflects something deeper about the work in question. Certain albums by certain bands […]

Feature Friday: The Ramblin’ Valley Band

The Ramblin’ Valley Band have heard you, Ottawa, and they have listened: their eagerly anticipated first full-length album is now available for you to dance, sing and groove along to. Snoozegrass is loaded with nine stellar tracks that initially hint at a bluegrass album, but it’s a mistake to assume these guys are that cut and […]

Reviewed, Rewound ‘n Revisited: War – Why Can’t We Be Friends?

War: Why Can’t We Be Friends Format: CD Purchased: Music World Key Tracks: Lotus Blossom, Leroy’s Latin Lament, Smile Happy, So, Low Rider, Why Can’t We Be Friends Creating happy music that can be taken seriously is truly an art form. As incredible as bands such as Pink Floyd, Nirvana and the Rolling Stones are, […]

Feature Friday: Al Wood and the Woodsmen

Hailing from the other side of the “coniferous curtain,” Sault Ste. Marie born blues wanderer Al Wood has put his time into the Ottawa music scene. In 2010, Al Wood and the Woodsmen took the Ottawa Blues Society’s “Road to Memphis” challenge, and advanced to the semi-finals at International Blues Challenge in Memphis. They’ve also […]

Reviewed, Rewound ‘n Revisited: The Tragically Hip – Trouble At the Henhouse

The Tragically Hip: Trouble at the Henhouse Format: CD Purchased: The Hock Shop Key Tracks: Flamenco, Springtime in Vienna, Ahead by a Century, 700 Ft. Ceiling, Apartment Song, Sherpa, Put it Off Last summer, we Canehjins collectively watched the final performance by the Tragically Hip, a band as Canadian as poutine drizzled in maple syrup […]