Feature Friday: Prayer Wheels

Feature Friday: Prayer Wheels

Super pumped to check out “Spring EP” by Prayer Wheels for our first Feature in December!

They refer to themselves as a “choir-rock band”,  and while perhaps not an overly common term or genre, I’m not sure that it’s possible to be more accurately descriptive of their music. There are definitely many other elements and more texture to Prayer Wheels than would fit into that small box, but it really does convey what you can ultimately expect of their sound.  And while you may think that “choir” and “rock” couldn’t possibly go together, like me, you’d be quite mistaken. They pull this off in the most amazing way, and just make me wish that this genre was more common.

“Spring” is so much more than just those two things: It is rock music with pop elements and post-rock tendencies; it’s armed with a full sound, and a perfect combination of beautiful vocals. Each track has brilliantly contrasting rock music backing it, flawless timing, and proof that the quality – not quantity – of lyrics are key. Everything on this EP clearly has its place and has been well thought out to generate their unique sound. Prayer Wheels accomplish what can be a rare task with a debut EP: immediately reeling in the listener and making them eager for more.

While nearly impossible to pick only one track to recommend for a first listen, I eventually landed on “Charlatan”. Each song on this EP is worthy of being singled out, but this one just inches out slightly above the rest with its addition of wonderfully executed solo vocals. Check out this tune full of smart lyrics and catchy hooks that are guaranteed to be stuck in your head for the next few days:

Honestly, you just really need to check out this entire EP for yourself. I can’t say enough good things about it. And for only $4, how can you go wrong? Link to all the awesomeness here: https://prayerwheels.bandcamp.com/

Give them a follow on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep an eye on any upcoming shows, and news on their planned follow up EP release coming in 2017.



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