December 2016

Feature Friday: Where to be on NYE (part II)

Still looking for a good music party to spend your last hours of 2016? Here is part II of our list of things to do on NYE that still have tickets available, and are guaranteed to be a good time!   Probably the most mysterious NYE event on our list is hosted by Ottawa death-metal-core […]

Feature Friday: Where to be on NYE (Part I)

Bytown Sound has over 70 music-related events in our calendar for New Year’s Eve! This is the first of a two-part post on what to do in Ottawa on NYE. There’s something for everyone happening in the city – get out and celebrate with Ottawa’s line-up of fantastic musicians!   Festivus for the Rest of […]

Feature Friday: Jon Creeden and the Flying Hellfish // BenevenStanciano

This week we are really featuring two Ottawa-based artists and their collaboration on a newly released split album: Jon Creeden and the Flying Hellfish AND BenevenStanciano. The album features four songs by the Flying Hellfish and four by BenevenStanciano. Overall the album’s production is raw, crisp, and a well balanced mix between often competing roaring […]

Feature Friday: Renée Landry

Renée Landry is back with a new EP just two months after releasing her swinging, motown, pop infused album “Chin Up” in October – see our review here. Capturing the “sound” of Christmas is frankly quite hard, especially to do so without leaning too hard on worn out tropes or sounding hokey. Landry doesn’t fall into […]

Feature Friday: Prayer Wheels

Super pumped to check out “Spring EP” by Prayer Wheels for our first Feature in December! They refer to themselves as a “choir-rock band”,  and while perhaps not an overly common term or genre, I’m not sure that it’s possible to be more accurately descriptive of their music. There are definitely many other elements and more […]