Video Release: Anxiety2 by Overwrought

Video Release: Anxiety2 by Overwrought

Initially formed as a duo in late 2016, Ottawa’s one-man atmospheric/depressive black metal band Overwrought has just released a video for the track “Anxiety2”, from its album “Disorder”, which was released last fall.

Exploring some of the darker themes and emotions that mark much of the band’s catalogue, “Anxiety2” is designed to create “a dreary, bleak, and desolate atmosphere,” says W, the band’s sole member. “I was attempting to portray the feeling of debilitating anxiety in audio form.”

The video for Anxiety2, which was filmed in December by Ian Conway, was made to visually accompany the feelings represented in the track itself: “being alone, isolated, lost, feeling inhuman, hence the panning shots of empty, barren fields, dark forests.”

Check out the epic video below, and be sure to keep an eye out for new music, along with Overwrought’s catalogue, here:



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