We Must Be Dreaming!: Harea Band Releases New Video for “Must Be a Dream”

We Must Be Dreaming!: Harea Band Releases New Video for “Must Be a Dream”

Pinch us, Ottawa—our city’s very own Harea Band has released a video for their exceptional new single “Must Be a Dream”. If you’ve been waiting for something to tide you over until their sophomore album later this year, this is it: it’s the perfect showcase for the band’s fun-loving, funk-pop stylings, and a great way to whet your appetite for their performance tonight (April 14) at House of Targ as part of the Bangers and Mash: Soul Festival.

This toe-tapping track thoroughly captures the feel-good, funky dance spirit that the band is known for, and was “inspired by those moments that you just can’t believe are happening, whether they are good or bad,” the band recently told Bytown Sound.

Since their last album, All the Hits, was released in 2016, the band has been touring, playing frequent shows around the city, and regularly releasing new videos and singles. This dynamic six-piece group is comprised of professional musicians trained largely in the areas of jazz and composition: it’s a talented lineup that includes three vocalists, drums, bass, guitar, and two keyboard players, making for a solid foundation on which they’ve built a sound that’s purely their own.

It’s a position from which the band has worked to raise the profile of music in Ottawa. “We don’t want the public to have the mindset that local music isn’t good or subpar [compared] to bands coming in from out of town,” they told Bytown Sound, as they’ve done their part to further encourage other local musicians to “take themselves seriously” to help inspire people to leave the comfort of their homes for the city’s many live venues.

Support that spirit by checking out the video, and then head to House of Targ tonight for this hometown neo-soul ensemble will be taking the stage. Snag your tickets here (link) and go get your groove on, Ottawa! 


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