Feature Friday: Okies

Feature Friday: Okies

Are you looking to start off 2018 with some great new tunes from our ever-expanding local music scene? Then look no further than our first Feature Friday of the year as we check out Okies, an incredible local band with a stellar new release.

You might recognize “Okies” as a Great Depression-era reference to migrant farm workers from Oklahoma, but what you’ll find here instead is a wonderfully skilled musical trio from Aylmer, QC. This astonishing three-piece celebrated the release of their new full-length album named after their hometown at the Blacksheep Inn last week, mere days after Aylmer dropped on December 29.

This strikingly unique and cohesive indie folk rock trio is made up of Thomas Aguinaga (drums/percussions, harmonica), Sam Gendron (keyboard) and Marc-Antoine Moisan (guitar, vocals), and stand as the perfect combination of heart, talent, and drive. Their obvious musical chemistry, coupled with Moisan’s delightfully distinct vocal delivery, only adds to the infinite charm of this small-town band. Simply put, Aylmer is a total knockout for absolutely every reason that you would expect from a solid band with a back catalogue of wonderfully crafted tracks.

This album represents an evolution in the Okies’ sound, as it mixes some appropriately placed retro-synth keyboard stylings with a heartier dose of indie rock, perfectly blending their established sound with incredible new depth and maturity. This vibe underpins and lifts up a genuinely impressive roster of tracks that are all remarkably unique and fun to sing along to, such as Cold Bath:

That sense of growth is also evident on “Around Here & Everywhere”; initially found on their EP For Now, This Is What I Love, this track comes in further refined and perfected on the new album. The build up, the distinctive rim clicks, and the lyrical placement make for an absolutely perfect tune. If I had been listening to this album on a record player instead of Bandcamp, I would have worn out this track:

Okies change up the pace with “Daily Grind”, an up-tempo folk track that closes out the album. By stripping down to just Moisan’s vocals and guitar, they prove that try as you might, you can’t help but fall for this incomparable, distinctively dynamic band and their seriously clever lyrics (which are all listed on their Bandcamp, if you’re curious).

Give these fine gents a follow on their Facebook, and Twitter for shows and news updates, and be sure to add them to Instagram and YouTube for some other fun stuff.

Endless thanks to Okies for starting our new year off on the right musical foot. You’ll absolutely want to check out all of the music they have to offer, which you can do on their Bandcamp.


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