Canadian Hip-Hop Star Peter Jackson Stops In Ottawa Tonight

Canadian Hip-Hop Star Peter Jackson Stops In Ottawa Tonight

If you’ve followed the Canadian rap/hip-hop scene in recent years, Peter Jackson has definitely crossed your radar, and tonight (Nov. 9) is the chance to see him live, as he’ll be playing City At Night with special guest Chrissy Spratt.

Jackson, who is often dubbed “the hardest working rapper in Canada”, has toured the country with some of the biggest names in the business, and is currently promoting his recently released EP, “Married to Success”. The EP features the two hit singles: ‘On a Wave” and “Vacation”, with Spratt featured on the latter — something which flowed naturally from some of their previous collaborations, which Jackson shared in a recent interview with Bytown Sound.

“Myself and Chrissy had worked [together] before on a record for a video game, and we have always stayed in touch,” said Jackson of his collaboration with the R&B pop singer. “She seemed like a perfect fit for the record.”

Born and raised in Ajax, Ontario, Jackson believes that his connection to nearby Toronto — “where a lot of stuff is always going on, especially from press to events” — had a lot to do with shaping his career as he pounded the pavement and put in endless hours to make a name for himself. It’s a gambit that has paid off, as recent years have seen him opening for or touring with the likes of Drake, 50 Cent, and the Wu-Tang Clan, to name just a few. He credits his family for inspiring his seemingly boundless drive for success: “I have a two and a half-year-old girl and a one-year-old boy with my beautiful wife. I draw all my motivation from family.”

Jackson’s cross-country work has also given him a unique perspective on the beating pulse of Canada’s hip-hop scene, which he says is thriving from coast to coast.

“It’s amazing right now. Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Vancouver are all great markets for hip-hop right now.”

The future is looking even brighter for Jackson in particular, as his fans have a lot to look forward to: “I am sitting on a single called “All In The Trap” which is my favorite record to date that I have done and will be coming out with in the new year. I have a single and video coming out with Sean Kingston, as well as my first US and European tour.”

In fact, it’s that connection with Sean Kingston that will bring Jackson back to Ottawa on December 13 to play The Bourbon Room as a special guest on Kingston’s “Made In Jamaica” tour. Be sure to act quickly and get your tickets for this show before they sell out. You can purchase them here.

“It’s a 21-city tour across Canada, and I’m really looking forward to touring with him. I have been a big fan of Sean for a while and now I get a chance to perform across Canada with him and do a single as well as a video together.”

Jackson’s rising success has made tonight’s show a particularly hot ticket. Those lucky enough to scoop up some tickets are also going to be able to check out some solid Ottawa performers before Jackson rolls out some fresh tracks of his own.

“A few great local acts will also be performing before Chrissy and I, and I’ll be performing a lot of new material getting ready for my Canada-wide tour”, said Jackson.

If you’re interested in checking out more of what he has to offer, you can find the lyrical video (pending the release of the official video) for Peter’s latest hit single “Vacation” feat. Chrissy Spratt here, the video for “On a Wave” can be viewed here, and his hit “We the North” — the playoff anthem that spent 5 weeks on the Billboard charts during the Toronto Raptors’ 2015-2016 playoff run — can be seen here.


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