Feature Friday: Onionface

Feature Friday: Onionface

How can a band from Ottawa Ont. sound so Kentucky fried, double wide and Bonnie Clyde? This rock outfit beats the tin can of blooze as they choose, playing with boldness, assurance, and panache that is at the same time urgent and lazy boned. You can feel the hours of rehearsal that have carved this band into its own. Displaying a depth of skill for kicking into a groove, songs such as the intro track, “Goodbye and Take Care” and “Birdman” smack of confidence and cocksurity.

Throughout the album, the bottom end is so thick that it practically turns to podge. This is workingman’s tunery, constructed in a tightly contained rock slop. Gotta dig it. Gottagotta. The band also displays a knack for rhythmic trickery, shuttling from straight to cut time and kicking out jams that are heavy on accent and groove (“Tightrope Walker” in particular strikes out a really fancy dancy beat that gets butts wigglin’).

The instrumentalists (Stefan Jurewicz, Calvin McCormick and John Schultz), have achieved a tight sixth sense interplay. Jurewicz’ Guitar slings much mud and grime, while the rhythm section of McCormick and Schultz keep it real and swing like it’s no one’s bidniss. There is a really neat break between brown hazes in “Long Haired Bald Guy”, a not quite gentle but somewhat so acoustic track that showcases a neat knack for melody.

This listener quite enjoyed the harmonies on display with “Goodbye and Take Care” and would love to see what else could be done with that dynamic (the harmonies are pretty darn fantastic). This is the band’s third album and it will be great to see what else can be stirred into this gumbo on their next effort. Keep it throttled Gents!

If you’re in the area, make sure to catch them at their next show in Montreal at Casa del Popolo on August 3rd with The Castagne’s and Bats in the Belfry.

Check out their sweet tunes for yourself by heading over to their bandcamp, and be sure to follow them on Facebook to hear about further upcoming shows and their latest news.


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