Reviewed, Rewound ‘N Revisited: Mac Demarco – Salad Days

Reviewed, Rewound ‘N Revisited: Mac Demarco – Salad Days

Mac Demarco – Salad Days (2014)
Format: CD
Purchased: HMV (R.I.P)
Key Tracks: Salad Days, Let Her Go, Let My Baby Stay

Mac DeMarco is somethin’ else. Something else entirely. No one sounds like Mac, but Mac seems to sound like everything and nothing all at the same time. A blenderfull of Steely Dan, the Eagles and Pavement, Mac’s offering “Salad Days” is a tour de force in a tiny heart shaped box (stomped flat). His slinky guitar leads provide melody and rhythm all at the same time. His voice pours out of a cloud of reefersmoke and sings out gently lulled tales of heartbreak and relational dissonance. Curse and bless the woman who broke this cat’s heart. You feel his pain, but it’s your gain or at least the gain of yer earballs. Mac seems to incorporate a tad of everything into his mix, both lyrical and melodic; self referential bits such as “Macky’s been a bad bad boy” are delivered slyly alongside Coeur-casse curveballs like “Salad days are gone, missing hippy Jon, remember the days just to tell them so long”. Everything just kinda goes right on this little album, and there’s nary a duff track to find. At less than half an hour long, it comes and goes like a breeze, but I’m pretty certain you’ll be giving it a spin soon anyhow.

Written by Pete Sounds


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