Feature Friday: The Clint Everson Band

Feature Friday: The Clint Everson Band

Formed in 2015 The Clint Everson Band is the talented, well-blended vehicle for Everson’s introspective compositions and varied blues sensibilities. This seven piece blues group features a full complement of seasoned musicians who have been actively engaged in Ottawa’s blues scene for years, hailing from celebrated bands like Firebelly, The Drew Nelson Band, and the Hillbilly Hepcats. The group features Steve Trecarten on piano, Fredy Carriere on guitar, Andre Ferraton on drums, Rob Lethbridge on upright bass, Melanie Vermeersch and Tanya Paulin singing backup vocals, and Clint Everson on guitar and vocals, as well as writing and producing.

Though as an ensemble the The Clint Everson Band has been together less than two years, they have been entrenching themselves in the music scene. The band was a finalist in the Ottawa Blues Society’s 2016 “Road to Memphis” blues competition, and has been selected to play WESTFEST on June 3. The Clint Everson Band is also the host of the Rainbow Bistro’s weekly blues jam, every Sunday from 4 to 7 pm. Their new album, “Clear to Me”, is the group’s debut EP, co-produced by Clint Everson and Dean Watson and recorded at the esteemed Gallery Recording Studio (Happy Birthday, Dean!). Three pre-released tracks give some insight in what we can expect from the rest of the EP: great songwriting, skilled arrangements, and fantastic musicianship.

“Jazzy Betty” opens with charming keys from Trecarten, a nice mellow solo section, and gypsy jazz accents. Nice blending the acoustic and electric guitar. Paulin and Vermeersh’s back up vocals really lend a lot to the prohibition era jazz feel. The ending with interweaving voices sounds sustains the energy of the song until the end; in fact, all their endings are really well crafted, clearly a lot of attention has been paid to the details on this album.


“Six Feet Under” has a much more distinct country/blues/rock feel. Clint’s baritone voice is truly compelling in this song, showcasing its depth of tone, clarity, and resonance. Nice build to the solo sections. Ferraton’s use of the cymbals during the more rousing sections of the song are subtle, yet really drive the excitement. Loving the electric guitar soloing of Everson throughout these tunes, he has a knack for catchy and emotive riffs, ever present but never overpowering the rest of the group.


The title track, “Clear to Me,” is a classic blues sounding tune from its arrangement and form to its lyrics, love as salvation, revealer of truth, but is it reciprocated? The filter on Everson’s voice lends some grit to Everson’s voice, adding to the gravel-tone sonority of the song. There’s so much happening in this tune, but it sounds so clean, the band’s use of space is strikingly effective. Again, back up vocals are so nicely executed and placed, bolstering tbe driving and visceral quality of this tune.


The EP release party is tomorrow night, Saturday February 11th, at The Rainbow Bistro at 9 pm! Tickets are $8 in advance. The Clint Everson Band is joined by River City Junction. Check out The Clint Everson Band’s ReverbNation and Facebook pages for more info on how to get a copy of the EP and for news about more upcoming shows.


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    I am so looking forward to receiving my copy of the CD. Everyone needs a copy in their music repertoire!

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