Feature Friday: Megaphono Festival, February 1-3

Feature Friday: Megaphono Festival, February 1-3

It may only be the end of January, but it’s never too early to dust off those festival shoes: Megaphono Music Showcase Festival & Conference is almost here! Running from February 1-3, the local festival boasts over 50 artists playing in many venues all across the region. While perfect for concertgoers, it’s also doubly beneficial for those looking to break into the music industry; Managers, A&R, Directors, as well as other major industry players are a big part of Megaphono Festival as well. Offering invaluable information to Delegate Pass holders (and 2017 performers) about different and important aspects of the business through talks and speed meetings, Megaphono is definitely one festival you don’t want to miss this year. 

With all the amazing talent being showcased at so many great venues we love, it seemed almost an impossible task to single out any one artist or event. However, we did want to give you a small glimpse of what this festival has to offer, so we decided to share the line up for the show at Atomic Rooster on Thursday, February 2:

The Reverb Syndicate:

The instrumental spy/surf rock band really knows their way around a great tune and a great time (paired with some pretty unique song titles to boot), with the ability to lure you out of your seat and get you moving.

Whether fast-paced and upbeat, or switched to a slower tempo, it’s all so well timed that it’s clear they have truly mastered the art of storytelling through their music. The Reverb Syndicate will transport you back in time and make you swear you walked right into some badass movie from the 60’s. If this sounds hard to believe, you can check for yourself right here:

It’s highly entertaining, it’s refreshingly different, it’s The Reverb Syndicate!

You can also check out and purchase all of their music right here


The Heavy Medicine Band:

So much can be said about The Heavy Medicine Band. They touch upon quite a few genres, making it hard to completely pin them down; but even doing so would be a disservice. Every style they hit, paired with Keturah Johnson’s strong smoky vocals, contributes to the beauty of their music as a whole. Every track is absolutely hypnotizing.

Starting out with a more bluesy folk/rock feel on the track “Mountain” (think Jeff Buckley), to a darker, heavier and stunningly powerful tune “Wrecking Ball Daughter”, every piece fits together so perfectly. The Heavy Medicine Band just can’t miss.

Perfect example here:

To get the fully recommended dose of The Heavy Medicine Band, fill your prescription here.


Dear Blackwolf:

The breadth of Dear Blackwolf’s influences in both rock and blues really shines through in their music while they present their own incredible take on it. This just allows you to appreciate how truly amazing this duo and their sound really is.

Armed with just a guitar and some wonderfully clean vocals, this track is absolutely stunning in its simplicity:

These fantastic local blues rockers have described their sound as “Rumble”. What exactly is “Rumble”, you ask? Well, let Dear Blackwolf show you the way: https://dearblackwolfband.bandcamp.com/


Come out to the full show! 3 bands. Thursday, February 2. Atomic Rooster. Pay What You Can, or free if you have a festival pass. Doors are at 8:30.


So there you have it. A peek into just one of the many fantastic shows lined up for the Megaphono Showcase Festival! A list of all the great bands being showcased can be found here: http://www.megaphono.tv/artists-2017/

Partake in the music, attend some daytime talks with industry professionals (with Delegate Pass), meet like-minded festival goers, and get out there and enjoy our beautiful city! Nab your passes (Festival or Delegate) HERE.  Head to the website for full details, and to plan your festival schedule: HERE.



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