Feature Friday: BB Cream

Feature Friday: BB Cream

If you are already fans of BB Cream, I’m sure you are aware that their show at Pressed tonight will be their last. While that news may be a bummer, there is a silver lining: they leave us with a brand new album, “Rose Petal Pie”, released today.

In anticipation of their sophomore release, I spent the week with their self titled debut that came out previously in April. The entire album is a collection of fun, power pop/punk tunes that are playfully written and so perfectly danceable. Touching on subjects like love, disappointment, sex, and heartbreak, it’s introspective yet harsh at times, but always remains charming and catchy. The lyrics are thoroughly entertaining and genuine, and with the chosen subjects, you know we’ve all been able to relate to most of them at one point or another.

BB Cream invites you to belt out their tunes alongside them by including the lyrics on their bandcamp site. While hard to pick the catchiest track off of this album, a really fun one to start off with would probably be “Narcissus”; because honestly, who hasn’t felt this way:

Like a more energetic Moldy Peaches, including dashes of Talking Heads mixed with Violent Femmes (like on “Compulsory”), and the occasional tinges of Lou Reed-esque vocals  (check out “Gentle Lover”), there is no denying that another part of this band’s charm is the way they are able to bring old school elements to modern day and make it their very own. While they experiment with different instruments, tempos, and vocals, you can hear the band find its footing as they further carve out their own sound on Rose Petal Pie. Their growth as a band and as musicians from one album to the next is really something to acknowledge and admire.

My favourite track on this album is “Half Right”. Musically, it lands more in the Rock range and just bleeds such honesty that it gets me every time:

You can check out all of BB Cream’s lo-fi, sincere pop/punk tunes right here: https://abandcalledbbcream.bandcamp.com/.

Then you can hit up Pressed tonight starting at 8pm to catch up with BB Cream and tell them how much you’ll miss them! Telecomo and Cheap Whine also on the bill. Only $5/PWYC.





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