Feature Friday: The Boreds

Feature Friday: The Boreds

I’d be kidding myself if I said I wasn’t a bit bummed to hear that this is the end for The Boreds, but with their LP “Saved By the Boreds” coming out tonight, I decided to spend a good chunk of the week listening to their previously released EP “Summer Daze”.

Starting off with the title track, The Boreds immediately launch you into some pop/punk with beachy goodness baked right into the mix. They hold it all quite consistently throughout, and finish off strong with the instrumental “Sleepy” (my personal favourite), which is more along the lines of true surf pop. All around, it’s a really solid EP; just shy of 14 minutes, it blends all elements needed to get you hooked.  Go ahead, listen to it and try not to dance. I dare you.

Super pumped to hear their “Saved By the Boreds” LP release, which you can check out for yourself at Zaphod Beeblebrox tonight starting at 8pm. They are joined by Power Buddies from Edmonton, and local bands How Far to Mexico and Masters of Nothing. This is your last chance to watch ’em perform live as it is, unfortunately, their final show. So strap on your most comfortable dancing shoes, head out to Zaphods, and give The Boreds a great send off! 


In case you can’t make it out tonight, you can always jump over to their bandcamp page and purchase their tunes here(Totally worth it, by the way.): http://theboreds.bandcamp.com/



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