Feature Friday: Sleepy and the Noise

Feature Friday: Sleepy and the Noise

Even upon first listen to their track “Mountains and Valleys”, I was convinced that I needed to hear more from this Ottawa Indie Rock trio. They really nail the radio ready tune by having a great blend of Pop, catchy hooks, and clever lyrics. Christian Pasiak’s clear vocals teeter on the edge of smooth and gritty in complete balance, punctuated by the perfectly timed backing vocals from bassist Sarah Fitzpatrick and drummer Kira Montfort.

You can fill your ears with all the Indie Pop/Rock fun here:

Needless to say that after hearing “Mountains and Valleys”, I was pretty jazzed to have come across their song “My Medusa” on YouTube. Incorporating more funk into this number, they really showcase their remarkable ability to pen wholly solid tunes without being repetitive, or ever straying far from the sound that makes them unique, yet universally enjoyable.

Seriously, you need to check out this killer trio. And just your luck: you can tonight at Bar Robo for their debut EP release “Altitudes”! They’ll be playing with Mushy Gushy (https://mushygushy.bandcamp.com), and Bonnie Doon members DJing between sets. Party starts at 8pm, for only $10.

Until then, here’s a sweet, sweet sample of what’s to come for their EP release tonight:

And just in case you can’t make the show tonight (or you just can’t get enough of Sleepy and the Noise), you will get another chance here in Ottawa, on October 22nd @ Pressed. Mark your calendars!

You can also follow ’em here https://www.facebook.com/SleepyNTheNoise/ to see what they’re up to.



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