Feature Friday: Masters of Nothing

Feature Friday: Masters of Nothing

Ottawa! It’s the long weekend! Treat yourself to some sweet live tunes and support some fellow locals to start the weekend off right. Your first stop should be Bar Robo tonight, and here’s why:

Masters Of Nothing really seem to have mastered the art of balancing their sound somewhere between Funk, Groove and Experimental on their latest release, “therefore, Do”. They jump from shorter rock/punk tunes to some longer, ambitious jams (one clocking in at over 13 minutes), all while managing to keep the common catchy, gritty, lo-fi sound present throughout, which I believe to be a huge part of the band’s charm. The switch between the two seems organic and keeps things interesting, rather than sounding splintered and random.

I recommend checking out “Tropical Philosophy” for a fun first tune. Even as the shortest track on the album, it packs all the catchiness needed in its two minutes and forty-nine seconds. I also believe that their video for “Wabi Sabi” pretty much encapsulates the theme of this band as a whole: weird tunes, weird dudes, and good times. The video for this track really upped my enjoyment of Masters of Nothing. Check it out here:

Masters of Nothing are celebrating the physical release of their new album “therefore, Do” tonight, Friday, September 2nd at Bar Robo, starting at 8pm. Joining them are fellow locals The Tenenbaums, and Montreal’s Ouragan. Only $8. Total steal.

You can listen to their stuff here (which you should): http://mastersofnothing.bandcamp.com/
Or creep them on Facebook, if that’s your jam: https://www.facebook.com/mastersofnothing/


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