Reviewed, Rewound N’ Revisited: A Music Lover’s Manifestoval


Bytown Sound, this wonderful site de vebs on which you are reading these likely less than well thought out words, has provided me a space to write about the music I love and about my love of music. All for a steal at the price of my heart and my musical life experience (fans, ye be tender!).

This column, Reviewed, Rewound N’ Revisited, is designed to be a catch-all for things that I’ve heard, things I’ve never heard before and things I’ve forgotten about and really shouldn’t have. Mostly, tho, it’s designed to give you, fellow teetunetaler, a taste of something that maybe you’ve never heard or maybe you’ve forgotten about.  I’m no big fan of streaming sites and downloading. I worked at record stores for about a quarter of my life and in that time have gathered a shit-ton of music on CD and Vinyl. I’ve tried my best to keep a mental record of where I bought these…uhh…records and do my best to note where they were purchased.

I’m old schooooool Y’all. This is my game. Music. It’s been there since I can remember. Flipping thru Dad’s record collection and marvelling at how John, Paul, George and Ringo’s faces stared out at me, glassy eye’d in a way that a 6 year old can only imagine. I remember calling dibs on Bruce Springsteen when all my other friends were choosing which action hero they were going to pretend to be in our handy dandy neighborhood games of shootemup…Dass right, Wabbit: the Boss.

I also fucking love to write…I dig the way words flash out from under my fingertips. It gives me a sense of joy, bonhomie and levelheadedness that nothing else seems to. Mostly, I’ve always wanted to write about music. I’ve got this torrentnado of thoughts, opinions, loves…loves…loves…swirling around my head. Care to hop in and go for a swimmmmmmm?

As our music retailers continue to fall like dominoes and blow away like farts in the wind, I think we have lost sight of just how important “that” cd or “that” record were and really should be in our lives…to have, to hold and to spin into the art of the melody (or lack thereof). Sure, Spotify can give you a playlist handjob that is eerily reminiscent of every life experience you’ve ever had, but honey it ain’t yers, now izzit?

So, with that in mind, feel free to take a gander into the mind of a humble fantastic music spasmatic…I’ve nowhere come close to hearing it all, but I’ve heard a lot, and I think I’m in the mood to share…


Pete Sounds