Rockalily Burlesque presents: The 9th Annual No Pants Dance Party

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“People get pretty wild,” says Miss Helvetica Bold, burlesque performer and organizer of all No Pants Dance Parties. She says the revelries are as much about celebrating no pants as they are about celebrating whatever you’ve got underneath – silk panties, polka dot boxers, tighty whities.

“People compliment each other on their underwear, which you don’t get to do on the street. You don’t know who is wearing a little purple thong or who is wearing Batman underoos, but at this party you do,” she says. “I think people are really into their underwear and their lingerie.”<

The party will probably see a lot of people show up early, as revellers won’t have to toil in the mirror, asking, “do these pants make me look fat?” Just don’t wear ’em.

But if you feel weird leaving the house in your underpants, the bar has a pants check. Yup, no coat check, just a pants check. Leave your leggings at the door and paint the night in your knickers. And Bold says that when she sees people drop their pants, they are always smiling.

“If people have one thing in common, generally, it’s that we don’t like pants. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t wear pants, do you?” says Bold.


About Rockalily Burlesque:

Formed in Ottawa in late 2006, Rockalily Burlesque is a talented troupe who work tirelessly to bring you some of the best burlesque Canada has to offer! We are a sex-positive, GLBT friendly, kink positive, woman-based troupe who believe that women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds are sexy. We are artists, journalists, activists, entrepreneurs, students, government employees and retail workers. We all have secret identities. We could very well be the girl next door.

July 09 2016


Date: July 9, 2016
Time: 10:30 pm
Cost: $5


Babylon Nightclub

317 Bank St

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