Born of Osiris// Oceano// Carbomb @ The Brass Monkey

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Born of Osiris// Oceano// Carbomb @ The Brass Monkey

Spectrasonic presents

The Simulation Tour with

Born of Osiris: (Sumerian Records)

“Simulation Theory” posits that reality and existence as we know them to be are merely a computer simulation. Of course, The Matrix explored such a possibility in 1999, while Elon Musk espouses this hypothesis as gospel for 2019. Regardless of the theory’s truth, humanity still thrives under the weight of all-encompassing technology and daily cyber advancements. Born Of Osiris preserve such humanity within a torrent of destructive polyrhythmic riffing, chaotic vocal transmissions,and synth disarray. The Chicago quintet—Ronnie Canizaro [lead vocals], Joe Buras [keys, synthesizers, vocals], Lee McKinney [guitar], Nick Rossi [bass], and Cameron Losch [drums]—perfect that approach on 2019’s aptly titled, The Simulation [Sumerian Records].


Oceano: (Sumerian Records)

Death Metal / Hardcore


Car Bomb: (Long Island, NY)

Car Bomb’s habit of systematically abusing ideas also dominates its member’s professions/hobbies of computer programming, graphic design, astronomy, and quantum physics. “In order to excel in these fields, you have to be a control freak and an obsessive compulsive” Greg states. “These personality traits create struggle and chaos in the writing process, which drives the conception of a song. We wind up with ideas that we’d never think of.” Meticulous dissection also finds its way into Car Bomb’s lyrical themes. When asked about ‘Rid’, Mike explains “It’s about analyzing and picking at the things about yourself repeatedly to the point where there’s nothing left. You wind up destroying who you are.”


The Last Ten Seconds of Life:

Mansfield, PA


Tuesday December 10 @ The Brass Monkey (250A Greenbank Rd.)
all ages/licensed 19+ – 6:00pm doors – $27.50 advance + service charges

Tickets on sale at FRIDAY at Vertigo Records and

December 10 2019


Date: December 10, 2019
Time: 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Cost: $37.50
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Brass Monkey

250 Greenbank Rd

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(613) 820-4889

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