October 2017

Feature Friday: Jack Pine and The Fire

Since their first self-titled release in 2011, Jack Pine and The Fire have boldly stood firm in their eclectic mix of genres, refusing to step solely into one small box. With their second full length album “Left to Our Own Devices”, released on September 8, 2017, they’ve returned more confident than ever while they experiment […]

Feature Friday: Silent Winters

“Darling, is it time I let go?” Who hasn’t felt this way in a relationship? That heart-wrenching moment of realization in the lives of two people, once so close and harmonious, now just…existing. Given this lingering malaise, it is no small coincidence that Silent Winter’s Fireworks & a Small Brigade is evocative of Simon and […]

Feature Friday: Outside I’m a Giant

Established in early 2016, Outside I’m a Giant has made their mark on both sides of the river. After a year of playing gigs and honing their sound, this Hull-based folk trio has released their debut album, Point Comfort, a triumph of modern balladeering. Texture and timbre are highly impressionistic, leaving traces on its listeners. […]